Steps towards the Castle of Chorio The beauty of simplicity Symi's Kali Strata on a September day Tree of life The little house by the road The Chorio seen from Yialos Warm and dusty steps
Chorio street signs View from the Castle towards Pedi Colors and beauty in abundance Going up the Kali Strata Boats at Harani, Yialos Because there was room for a comfortable chair Behind the wall Abandoned mansion on the old Kali Strata
The restaurant at the pier Mansion of forgotten times Green steps, Yialos Pink moped in the sun View of the port of Yialos Beautiful houses on the Kali Strata An alley in Chorio Flowerpots near Nimborio
Fallen leaves in the Fall Sun and flowers, Symi Vine leaves on a wall September light in the wall, Chorio View between houses to the Aegean sea The Church window Beautiful steps on Symi A cat came by
The old door Late afternoon on Symi