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Sun sets over a lonely moped on Symi View to the Aegean sea from the Kali Strata Thistles in the late afternoon sun on Symi A golden alley in Yialos The way to Mona Lisa's smile Golden house walls of Yialos Thistles overlooking Yialos Whitewashed steps in Chorio
Orange wall and green windows in Yialos Golden railing at the Castle, Chorio Old memories fading White cat with pink ears and nose The orange electricity meter Fall, on the steps of Symi Chorio's golden grass The holiday residence
Symi is rich in colors The Symi Dream lives forever Abandoned house on Symi's Kali Strata Afternoon September sun on a housewall Another welcoming set of steps Faded woodden shutters in Chorio Afternoon sun on a terrace The cat will let you in
The ruins on Symi, can easily be mistaken for a painting A lonely fisherboat at Panormitis Thistles in the sun Golden grass in Chorio Thistles in the fall of their lives Always a new plant or flower around each corner Steps towards the light View of Yialos from the Kali Strata
The stars of the Aegean sea on Symi On Symi you find beauty in the oddest places Afternoon sun on Symi in September 2 cats sitting in a tree The little Chapel at the end of the road Beauty in abundance High up in Chorio, Symi Chairs outside of the old Kali Strata cafe